Dancing Queens, Happy International Women’s Day!

Dancing Queens, Happy International Women’s Day!

There are countless struggles women face on a daily basis. Whether it’s tackling the endless responsibilities of every day life, or striving to take care of everyone around them as well as taking care of themselves, or facing a world that has long underestimated the strength that fills every women who walks this earth. 

What I’ve witnessed throughout my life is that women get things done, no matter what hurdles she has to jump through first. We see it every day, in the eyes of each women that walks through our doors to spend an hour dancing and focusing on herself. This is her time, these are her goals, and she won’t let anything stop her. 

Dance and female empowerment are rooted in many of the same positive elements: strength, drive, power, confidence. Often times, women are objectified and reduced to merely the image of their bodies, especially while dancing. How exceptional that we strive to turn these empty perceptions and prove them so very wrong. When a woman dances, she dances to feel comfortable in her own skin and to heighten her strength and energy. Dancing puts you in sync with your body, which catapults you to a place where no amount of outside noise can convince you that your body is anything but powerful. We should admire every woman who fights through the constraints of any stereotypes to make room for something that she loves and makes her feel free. 

It’s important for women to voice their truths,  Below are testimonials from a few of our VIVA ladies about what female empowerment means to them and how dance and fitness helps bring out the best version of themselves. 

“Women are  selfless individuals, that go out of their way to make someone else’s life a little easier or better,  we multitask, we don’t get tired, have so many responsibilities that only our minds can handle and yet we find time to dance, work out and take care of our selves. All of us wear many hats that are difficult and not always recognized or appreciated. It’s amazing that we take the time to come together and dance together despite these struggles. It inspires me daily. “

  • Violetta Wyszynski

“Dance fitness classes definitely make me feel empowered. As a woman, sometimes I feel like I have everything in the world on my plate. I have to work, shop, cook, take care of the kids… the list goes on. But for that one hour in class I feel like I’m finally doing something for myself and I realize that I deserve it!!”

  • Sara Cruz 

“Female empowerment to me is striving to be my very best version of myself despite the voices in my head telling me otherwise… I believe that if you want something you have to go out and get it and not wait for it to be given to you because that time may never come. Want to lose, weight?? Then you gotta work for it! Want to hit the gym, then you gotta get off the couch! Want to be free?? Go dance!”

  • Audrey Raney

“To me female empowerment means owning who you are unapologetically, freely being your best self while allowing and supporting others to do the same. Living your life fully, striving to do your best and focusing on the positive. I’m my best when I’m balanced and happy, and Dancing has always helped me feel that way through movement/exercise, pure joy and freedom of self expression. I love teaching Zumba because I want to unleash and share that amazing uninhabited feeling with everyone in my class.”

  • Cindy Furman

May this day and these words be a reminder to always make time for yourself and the things that make us feel worthy and to always keep breaking down barriers. Keep dancing ladies!

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