Let’s Talk about Inspiration..

Let’s Talk about Inspiration..

Here at VIVA, our mission is to inspire and empower you through dance and fitness. 

We definitely take this mission very seriously, and it is engrained in every decision that we make. Ever since the idea of VIVA was born, it was a vision of a place where people of all ages and every background could come together and have the creative space to work towards something special. 

It’s been over 10 years since VIVA opened its doors and that core mission has not changed, we’ve only evolved in order to better serve it. Over the years we’ve introduced new styles of dance for both adults and children, a fitness program, summer programs and camps, and many more throughout the years. 

We feel at our best when one of our members reaches a milestone. The ear to ear smile on a ballerina who has just mastered her pirouette, the electric energy that radiates off of a dancer who just competed in their first competition, the drive of a Zumba lover who crushed a fitness goal they had. These are the moments that drive us every day, moments that define VIVA’s existence. 

Each and every one of you inspires us, and we thank you for that. 

Now, tell us what inspires you? Comment below.

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