Those Who Dance Together, Stay Together

Those Who Dance Together, Stay Together

We know a week has passed since the national day of love, and we hope that you spent it with your special someone. Of course love isn’t meant to be celebrated during just one day of the year.  If you’re seeking a way to reignite or deepen your connection with your partner, we’ve got your answer. That’s right, you’ve guessed it, dancing! 

You can definitely thank those endorphins; the feel good, happiness hormones, that are released more during dancing than any other form of physical exercise. Endorphins are also connected directly to the parts of our brains that are responsible for our emotions. Combined with an increased heart rate and movement, dancing stimulates both a physical and emotional reaction within us. Imagine experiencing such a powerful state with the person you love. Sounds incredible right?  

Dancing is a way for you and your partner to develop an elevated level of communication, through a truly special, unspoken language. While dancing, both partners learn to move in sync with each other, learn to trust each other and be vulnerable, without having to speak. It’s the ultimate practice of teamwork, that with time and practice, can definitely translate into other aspects of your relationship. Trust us when we say that dancing together will help strengthen and transform your special bond. 

It’s so easy to fall into a static pattern, especially while in a relationship. Finding the time to pick up a fun, new hobby together, will help you revisit the most important aspects of your relationship, ones that are so easily lost during the motions of every day life. Next time you’re getting ready to sit down on the couch with the remote in hand, consider taking a look at our dance schedule instead. We offer so many opportunities for you and your loved one to spice up your lives together! 

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