VIVA goes to Nationals!

VIVA goes to Nationals!

Last week our studio’s competition team travelled cross country to compete in the U.S. National Amateur Dancesport Championships held at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. BYU was chosen by the National Dance Council of America to host the event which welcomes over 15,000 spectators annually to watch over 3,000 dancers compete for National Championship titles. 

Months of committed work went into preparing for this prestigious competition. Our dedicated couples spent countless hours practicing their routines, taking private lessons, traveling and sacrificing time and energy to live out their passion. 

We could not be more proud of our Viva dancers! Their unwavering drive and aspirational mindset has been a phenomenal thing to watch. And can we say, it absolutely paid off.

Michal Wyszynskiand Camilla Vertsman placed:

2nd out of 89 couples in Adult Ballroom Pre-Championship

3rd out of 62 couples in Youth Ballroom Pre-Championships 

Roman Medvid and Veronica Antonov placed:

2nd out of 62 couples in Youth Ballroom Pre-Championships

7th out of 98 couples in Youth Latin Pre-Championships

13th out of 49 couples in Youth Ballroom Championships

Dimitri Billian and Brittany Lavko placed:

18th out of 62 couples in Youth Ballroom Pre-Championships 

17th out of 98 couples in Youth Latin Pre-Championships 

These are the best results that we have received in the six years that we have been attending Nationals!! Huge Congratulations to all of our dancers! Thank you for representing Viva in such a remarkable way. 

After such a rewarding experience, our dancers have returned home and couldn’t wait to share about their week competing in the biggest ballroom dance competition in the country. Read their thoughts below: 

“Nothing brings more truth to the idea that every dancer has their own unique style as seeing hundreds of couples from coast to coast come alive in the stadium. There are some feelings in life that are unattainable until you step out of your comfort zone— such being the energy round after round in the BYU dance floor.”

  • Brittany Lavko 

“After four days of competition, we could not feel any more grateful for everybody who supports us and has our backs day in and day out. Making semifinal in youth standard championship out of a very difficult first round was very exciting and we were also vice champions of the youth standard 3 dance. These accomplishments would not be achievable without our amazing team of supporters. I would like to thank our coaches Anita Smite, Jaroslaw Radzimierski, Kuat Mirkhamit, Vladimir Karpov, and Andrei & Yulia Klinchik. This was an amazing experience we will never forget.”

  • Veronica Antonov 

“The competition was amazing! Many awesome athletes traveled from all parts of the country to arrive at BYU in Provo to compete at the National championships. Everyone had so much energy and excitement, so there were never any dull moments in the 4 days we were there. I HIGHLY recommend all competitive couples to take part in this competition next year!!”

  • Dimitri Billian 

“Utah is very exiting for all dancers, even a week before I was already anxious to go because I have a blast every time. It’s nerve racking because everyone is hoping that out of 90+ couples you will be in the lucky 6 of the final. It’s also fun going on adventures with friends to places we’ve never been before, like the mountains or new restaurants we don’t have on the east coast.  The atmosphere is incredible and every time we have to leave Utah it’s like heartbreaking because we never want to leave.”

  • Roman Medvid 

“Dancing alongside some of the most prestigious dancers America has to offer was an experience like none other. These dancers were only there for one reason, to compete and to win. So my partner and I knew the stakes were high since we only had one shot each round to make it. Making round after round from 82 couples down to only 6 was already an accomplishment , but when we were awarded 2nd place in the Adult Pre-Championship division, it was a feeling like no other. We are proud of this title and we want to thank Viva Dance Studio and all of our coaches for making this possible, and we hope to make even better results for this upcoming year.”

  • Michal Wyszynski & Camilla Vertsman

Again, Congratulations to our amazing VIVA Dancesport Team!

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